U Stambolu Na Bosforu

Ερμηνεία: Dafne Kritharas

▪️Directed by Ian Vandooren & Lucas Vandooren
▪️Production, management, spotting, co-editing : Dafne Kritharas

Bosnian traditionnal Sevdah song “U Stambolu Na Bosforu”
▪️Dafne Kritharas : singing
▪️Camille El Bacha : piano & CAM arrangements
▪️Matthias Courbaud : doublebass
Recording, mix and master by Thomas Vingtrinier
Label : Lior Editions

This video wouldn’t exist without them A big thank to:
▪️Château de Menthon Saint-Bernard, Jean-Michel Grigoroff & Clayton for their generous welcome and help
▪️ Didier Dauville & David Algive for the magical piano and their warm helpfulness

And… a very special thank to Philippe Bivas for his so precious help and hospitality!!!

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